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Phil McCracken 3 years ago
What a shitty scene. An asshole boyfriend emotionally abuses sweet, pretty girlfriend. She compromises to give into this asshole’s desires.
Dennidjf12 3 years ago
This was great, but he went at it all wrong, I feel that if he had given her some foreplay and then gone down on her for at least 20 mins and used a lot of lube on her she would have even enjoyed being fucked in the ass
3 years ago
He is such an asshole! She deserve better than this.
Cummy 2 years ago
Now she should buy a strap on and pay it back .
2 years ago
His dick is nice
Random 1 year ago
Am I the only person who thought she had beautiful eye?
Lowkey_mas 3 years ago
Bruh I kno this bitch I’m dead asf
2 years ago
i want someone to fuck me so hard in my ass
1 year ago
Wtf xd 10 months ago
Incredible how many debils care about the "story" of this porn. Fucking idiots xd