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Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee Cup Reading Services in Guwahati, Coffee Cup Reading Centers, Courses, Classes in Guwahati, Coffee Cup Reader in Guwahati, Coffee Cup Reading Astrologers in Guwahati. Staring from china, coffee cup reading is the method of divation which has now travelled the world with europe and arab as its hub. In the arab countires being practised as a family ritual coffee cup reading has pased on from one generation to other crossing all leaps and bound.

Commonly known as tasseomancy or tasseo graphy coffee cup reading is based on reading the symbols of cup. An art defined in scientific terms, used many types of coffees as arabican, turkish, greek.

Coffee containing nicotines seeps inside the dna of body, releases the emotional information locked inside it. Which gives a formation of picture on the cup. Containing an innate precision, helps in allinining the right and left brain of reader, giving way to the answers of natives question.

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