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Acupuncture Doctors in Green Park, Acupuncture Therapists in Green Park, Acupuncture Treatment in Green Park, Acupuncture Clinic, Centers in Green Park. Acupuncture Treatment is a collection of procedures involving penetration of the skin with needles to stimulate certain points in the body. It is a characteristic component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It has been categorized as a complementary health approach. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, by stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of qi through the channels known as the meridians.

Acupuncture Treatment
Acupuncture points are mainly (but not always) found at specified locations along the meridians. There are also a number of acupuncture points with specified locations outside of the meridians; these are called "extraordinary" points and often credited with special therapeutic properties. Third category of acupuncture points is called as "A-shi" points have no fixed location but represent tender or reflexive points appearing in the course of pain syndromes.

The acupuncture treatment specialist/doctor decides which points to treat by observing and questioning the patient in order to make a diagnosis according to the tradition which he or she utilizes. Acupuncture Clinic / Treatment Centre in Green Park.

Chakra Acupuncture Clinic in Green Park, Provides renowned and effective treatment at very affordable prices. Our acupuncturist is skillful and expert and is treating people from more than 15 years with the success rate of more than 90%. How to Find a good/best Acupuncture Clinic / Treatment Centre in Green Park.

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