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Astrological Services in Delhi NCR, Vastu Shastra Horoscope Services in Delhi NCR, Horoscopes in Delhi NCR, Vastu Expert Astrology Consultants in Delhi NCR. Dharshanshastra Connsist of five sub braches. These are Vastushastra, Yogashastra, Jyotishshastra, Ayurveda and Sangeet . Among these Ayurveda leads to Kaya Kalp, Yoga leads to Mana Kalp and Vastu leads to Bhagya Kalp. Vastu in its broadest sense is holistic science which is in full conformity with entire cosmos and flow of energy from all sources.

Vastu is a balance of 5 elements (earth, water, space, air and fire) which, when laid in proportion and exact ratio generates positive Bio electric energy that bestows health, wealth, comforts and prosperity in natives. Astrology in its broadest sense is the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.

When Astrology and Vastu are combined and applied, it becomes Astro-Vastu and helps one in having own favorable personal space for overall success and growth of native. The Astro Vastu analysis works on three parameters- The Individual Horoscope, Vastu Principles and the auspicious time or Muhurata.

There is a deep connection between Astrology and Vastu. Vastu Talks about favorable Directions and in Astrology planets, houses and signs also have favorable directions. For ex, Sun favors east, Saturn favors west, Sign Aries favors east, Sign Virgo favors South, Ascendant signifies east direction, 10th house signifies North direction and so on......

The correlation of Vastu and Astrology signifies each direction has different impact on different person. For ex. as per Vastu principles East direction in general is a benefic direction but it may not prove benefic for the individual born with Capricorn ascendant. Similarly North West Direction is considered good for storing grains but it might not turn suitable for person born with Libra Moon sign In Astro Vastu Analysis these things and many others are checked from individual’s horoscope. Personal Vastu should match with horoscope of an individual for enhance prosperity in life .Principles of Vastu can improve situations but ASTRO- VASTU can totally enhance it for contended and prosperous life.

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