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Tachyon Reiki Services in Delhi NCR, Tachyon Reiki in Delhi NCR, Tachyon Reiki Classes, Courses, Centre in Delhi NCR, Tachyon Reiki Healing Workshop in Delhi NCR. The Tachyon Source attunement converts objects, oils or water into a Tachyon Source, which makes all which comes into contact with, into a Tachyon antenna filled with life force energy. This is useful for boosting the energy in a room, for increasing one's strength in channeling energy healing, and for just giving oneself the benefit of the increased life force. It is useful for charging a number of stones as Tachyon antennas by placing one Tachyon Source stone into a box with them. In one attunement, a person can both attune objects and liquids as Tachyon Source antennas and attune others.

Tachyon Reiki is all about neutralize or eliminating the negative effects of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) that come from, computes, monitors,cell phones, TV's, etc. PLUS Power yourself with unlimited Life Force Energy which boost your life energy level to the stars.

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