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Meditation Centers in Delhi NCR, Meditation Services in Delhi NCR, Meditation Classes, Courses in Delhi NCR, Meditation Learning Institute in Delhi NCR. The only key to perfect health, mental peace and spiritual growth Meditation is not a religion or cult as many people believe. Meditation is also not, as many people believe, abandoning of one's duties either or demands you to be a recluse nor is meditation a bundle of religious rituals.It is an incessant endeavor to silence our thought process. It helps us to tread the path of inner journey. It helps us to live in this world of upheavals and negatives without being affected by them. Meditation leads us to realize that is noble and worthwhile in our lives.

Some of these questions haunt us all our lives, like Who am I ? What is the purpose of my life ? Where do I come from ? Where shall I be going after death ? Why some people suffer while others find their lives happy going ? so on and so forth .We struggle all our lives to find answers to the above listed questions but often feel disappointed as there seems to be no logical and convincing answer to any of these questions. Therefore, in order to alleviate our be-wilderness we engage our mind and all our efforts in achieving materialistic gains, which seem to give us some kind of consolation and momentarily.It is an irony of fate that until we experience profound grief, failure, discontentment and disillusionment in chasing our materialistic pursuits we do not thinking of starting inner journey seriously.

A legendary Yogi of these times, Swami Shivananda Saraswati in his book "Bliss Divine.", says "Without the help of meditation, you cannot attain the knowledge of the self. Without its aid, you cannot grow into the divine state, without it you cannot liberate yourself from the trammels of the mind and attain immortality."

Yogis believe that meditation can unfold the doors to the attainment of freedom. It is a mysterious ladder which enables us to climb the ladder, from earth to heaven, from darkness to light, from hypocrisy to truth, from suffering to bliss, from restlessness to unruffled peace, from ignorance to knowledge, and from mortality to immortality.Nevertheless a vast majority of us seek happiness, in turning to external objects and events.However our great Yogis and thinkers tell us that even those who attained almost all materialistic gains in their lives were found to be often disillusioned and disgusting.Perhaps that is one big reason why today's affluent society is looking for other than materialistic means – to seek contentment in life and are finding meditation as one of the most useful tool for attaining peace and arresting restlessness.

By now it has been established scientifically world over that anyone who practices and succeeds in performing proper meditation regularly, reaps the innumerable advantages like :-

On the physical front one can lower one's heart beat rate, increase resistance against disease, lower high blood pressure, control diabetes, relax quickly, enjoy sound sleep, overcome fatigue, slow down aging and can help alleviate migraine too. Even the serious patients of cancer, colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome have found Meditation to help them get relieved of their suffering to a good degree.

On the mental front, the unfailing impact of Meditation is that one can cope with stress in a much better way and can get almost instant peace besides developing a strong will power and positive attitude even in the most adverse situations. Even concentration of mind improves through regular practice of Meditation which is so essential for every one to get success in life, be it materialistic or spiritual.

Above all, the regular practitioner of Meditation leads a much more contented life even if there are no significant materialistic achievements in life. He becomes more compassionate, especially towards the underprivileged people and feels pleasure in giving and not in receiving.

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