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Indian Vedic Astrology Services in Bhiwani, Indian Vedic Astrology in Bhiwani, Vedic Astrology in Bhiwani, Vedic Astrologers in Bhiwani. Astrology is the study of planetary positions to draw conclusions on human behavior traits and to predict probable future events. Astrology has been practiced worldwide and by oldest of the cultures like Indian, Chinese and Maya. This study which is primarily a calculation based study tries to interpret the probable future events in a person's life and his behavior traits on the basis of planetary positions and movements. Indian astrology is an old pseudoscience which traditionally uses horoscope to base its calculations. Astrology also does periodic predictions based on the zodiac sign a person is born under. Generally 12 zodiac signs are there which are considered in Indian and western astrology practices. Chinese Zodiac signs are different.

Zodiac associates specific animal trait to the person who is born in respective time. Basis this, a generic calculation is arrived which is further substantiated by calculations and planetary position in horoscope. Predictions based on Zodiac Signs are very popular though it does not give any person specific predictions and are very generic in nature.

Indian Astrology which is also called as Vedic astrology is an ancient practice and is also called as Ganit Jyotish by some people. It is a detailed study of planetary movement and position and its implications of person specific to the zodiac he/she is born under. Currently it is the most famous form of astrology which is in practice in India; however there is other form of astrology like lal kitab astrology which is also gaining popularity day by day.

Astrology in India is a well established practice and many universities include this study in their curriculum as subject. The influence of this practice could be understood by the simple fact that astrological consultations are taken for almost every important event in a person's life from birth till death.

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