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Magnified Healing Services in Amritsar, Magnified Healing in Amritsar, Magnified Healing Centers in Amritsar, Magnified Healing Courses, Classes in Amritsar. Learning how to restore healthy energy levels by means of Reiki is an efficient way of self-healing for many health problems. Everybody can do this.Reiki is a simple, direct and natural form of healing that allows you to absorb more life force by applying a gentle hands-on technique. The energy flow can be received from a practitioner or you can learn Reiki for self application.. Reiki as a method vitalizes your Life Force and balances the energies in your body.

The natural healing energy flows in a powerful and concentrated form through the hands of the person providing Reiki. The positioning of the hands directs the healing energy into the body of the receiver (also called 'channeling'). The Reiki practitioner (or yourself once you master the technique) is used as a channel to conduct the Universal Life Energy. As a result, no personal energy is drawn or drained from the giver, who in contrast will be simultaneously charged and strengthened during the session.

If you seek healing and are open and willing to let this healing power flow through you, then it is very easy to become a channel for the Reiki energy. Interestingly, even individuals very skeptical of Reiki experience the channeling of energy nonetheless, and often call it warmth, love or peacefulness.

Reiki induces and maintains healing of many deep-rooted issues and often relieves pains and acute symptoms very quickly. It also has a positive influence on spiritual growth. After a treatment, you may feel mentally much clearer and experience deep insights into particular questions or problems you are facing. Reiki can then help you to make the right changes and decisions in your life, bringing you to what you need or want to achieve.

Reiki affects each person differently, but it always acts wherever the receiver needs it most, simply by restoring the depleted level of life energy that was drained by that particular problem. As a rule, there are common effects that everyone experiences. They are simply a consequence of restoring the needed level of energy boosting not only a sense of well being, but a deep feeling of satisfaction and increased self consciousness.

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