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Cosmopathy Healing Services in Amritsar, Cosmopathy Healing in Amritsar, Cosmopathy Courses, Classes, Centers in Amritsar, Cosmopathy Healers in Amritsar. In cosmopathy we work with frequency and vibration. Every alternative theory is taken into consideration with a different prespective. We even take help from Medical Science. Cosmopathy is based on the theories of Quantum - Physics. Complete Healing (Both Outer Healing & Inner Healing)

Outer Healing :
To enhance and accelerate the basic healing and for the physical symptoms generated by the faulty belief systems, cannot be left alone until the belief system is corrected. It is sometimes necessary to save the persons life.

Inner Healing :
1. Investigation on all 7 Layers of reality along with Physical body of the person gradually as he's able to handle.
2. Healing on every layer with the same gradual approach till all the layers are cleared and healing of the believe system is restored. It is not a spot healing system - it is the way of living in harmony with the Cosmos on every level of your existence.

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